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Weaving YARN

Developing Distributed Applications with Apache Twill

For the past couple of decades, Java programmers have been building vast numbers of web apps generating petabytes of log data.

A la node

Processing on the Grid

Why do traditional cache semantics sometimes struggles to scale, and what can we do about it?

Hold the chuckles

Oracle scaling out to NoSQL domination?

The Register claims that the San Francisco giant is about to attack enterprise market gap by establishing a NoSQL standards body. And it might not be such a crazy idea.

Fun stuff

Getting Started with the Play Framework

What makes Play so special? In the first of a two part series, find out how you can tap into the latest trends with this innovative framework.

Seal learns new trick

No-SQL-flavored MariaDB release goes live

MariaDB 10 is now GA, complete with “Connect engine” for easy data wrangling from both traditional SQL databases and sharding functionalities.

Giving it some welly

Installer tool ‘Oomph’ proposed as Eclipse project

As part of the Eclipse Tool project, Oomph could provide a welcome boost to Eclipse IDE user experience.

Building an IoT Babel

Industrial Internet Consortium forms to drive forward next “revolution”

Not for profit corporate group joins Eclipse and M2M Alliance in fight to accelerate development of a safe and organized Internet of Things.

Horton hears Wall Street calling

Hortonworks collects $100m in funding for Hadoop ecosystem

Apache Hadoop solutions specialist receives cash boost to put towards “aggressive” march towards HortonWorks IPO.

Get pitching

JAX London 2014 Call for Papers: It’s on

JAX is returning to London for 2014 in October - and we’re looking for high calibre Java and JVM experts to step forth and share their knowledge.

Buzz ting

CloudBees collect $11.2 million for the hive

With new Verizon Ventures led cash injection, PaaS provider is well placed to become “go-to” guys for continuous delivery.

Freshly ground

What's the relevance of the Java desktop in a world that's tilting towards mobile?

Geertjan Wielenga quizzes the authors of "NetBeans Platform for Beginners" about why they want to add to the Java desktop conversation at this stage in the game.

Even more like a boss

Red Hat drops "unique" business process management suite

JBoss BPM Suite 6 aims to “empower” enterprise and IT users to better respond to demands of mission critical applications.

Organising organisation

Insights from the enterprise: a 'meaningful' reshaping of the database landscape

Embarcadero’s Mark Barringer discusses why ‘unstructured’ Big Data models aren’t as disorganised as you might think, and ways to reduce downtime in production systems.…

Not that kind of Shard

Tokutek steps up with new solution for MongoDB blues

With TokuMX version 1.4, company is offering improved sharding that resolves the bottlenecks experienced by Mongo users.

Plugging the traffic drain

DataStax Enterprise 4.0 goes GA with shiny new in-memory database

Commercial Apache Cassandra is here with souped up search capabilities, and a new solution to help with pesky attention deficit online customers.

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