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Swirl swirl swirl

Docker-JVM mix is new magic blend in the Java-ecosystem

The Linux container engine that could is proving its worth in a multitude of ways.

All sorts of relationships

Data Modelling 101

Cory Isaacson gives us a crash-course guide to Data Modelling, in the first of a three part series.

It's a love thing

JBoss-Docker shipping continues with launch of microsite

More and more groups are pledging their love to Docker, from New Relic to Google. But does anyone love it as much as the JBoss crew?

Mo' data, mo' costs

Database indexing

What's the key to creating a successful database? And what's standing in your way from achieving it? Cory Isaacson lays it out for us.

Heads up Tweeps

Don't miss the inaugural JAX Twitter live Q&A sessions - feat. Steve Millidge

Kicking off at 5pm GMT, Steve will be taking control of our Twitter. Read on for a taste of what's in store from the C2B2 middleware expert.

Really buzzing

HornetQ and ActiveMQ: Messaging - the next generation

The dev teams behind free messaging broker HornetQ and ActiveMQ appear to be considering closer collaboration.

No big problem

Hadoop isn't ready for the elephant graveyard

Google might have ditched its old tried and tested formula, but DataTorrent’s John Fanelli has some choice words for Hadoop detractors.

Working it

Gradle 2.0 is here: sleek, speedy and supporting Java 8

Update includes a leaner code base and a host of new additions. There's also an upgrade to Groovy 2.3.2.


Cracking Microservices practices

Learn how the Apache Camel framework can assist you in creating microservice style applications in Java with just a few lines of code.

Time in a bottle

Why is my database slowing down?

Learn how to take on the three enemies of database performance head-on, and stop your data flows congealing into quagmire.

Throwing out sparks

DataStax Enterprise 4.5 out of the box

Inside the ‘lightning fast’ new release from the Cassandra database experts.

White hat hacking

Security holes? Who cares?

To err is human, but to ignore the warnings of independent security researchers is just downright silly, writes Arne Blankerts.

Oh Node!

JavaScript security issues loom over Node.js

Developers on urged to be aware of potential issues from client-side cousin.


10 common mistakes Java developers make when writing SQL

Java devs operate on a blend of object-oriented and imperative thinking - but when it comes to writing SQL, everything can quickly go to pot. Are you guilty?

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