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Xpand your horizons

Xtend – a quick look at the pros and cons of an up-and-coming JVM alternative

It’s got lambdas, it’s flawlessly interoperable with Java and it’s also a cinch to learn for Java devs. So what’s the catch?

Hanging on the telephone

Inside RoboVM

Some said it couldn't be done. Others said it shouldn't. But this developer is actively scaling out a future for Java in the iOS. Here‘s his story.

Cheep cheep

JAX London 2014 Programme now online

Featuring a host of luminaries from open tech and the Javasphere, JAX London is back with a bang - don’t miss out on our limited offer to save on Blind Bird tickets!


Cisco report: Java and Android are hives of malware

Last year, 91% of all web exploits used Java, while 99% of all mobile malware targeted Android devices.

Deploy wisely

Inside the JBoss AS 7 modularity

The Java Classloader is a part of the Java Runtime Environment that dynamically loads Java classes into the Java Virtual Machine. However there are some various ways in which…

The best of both worlds

Android at CES 2014: The green robot is everywhere

Google’s OS makes appearances on TVs, cameras and cars – and hybridizes with Windows 8 desktops.

Days of Future Past

Our pundits predict what’s in store for Java in 2014

We’ve rounded up some pretty canny people from the sector to forecast their expectations for Java in 2014 and resolutions, for the months ahead, as well as personal highs…

Not quite Miracle on 34th Street is it?

Endless Google-Oracle API spat rebooted in appeals court

Bad news for Android as U.S. appeals court indicates a retrial for Oracle is on the cards.

Ahoy there

Jolla’s indie mobile OS leaves port

Finns get their hands on first 450 devices running Sailfish OS, an Android app-running port of MeeGo.

NoSQL and Neo4j and Spring - oh my!

JAX Magazine: The November edition is here!

Download your free copy and get stuck in.

Shiny new tools

One to watch: RoboVM, cracking the Java iOS development conundrum

JAXenter meets Niklas Therning, founder of RoboVM, an open source project which allows Java developers to easily port their Android apps to iOS.

Everybody’s free (to feel good)

Is freemium the future for mobile app developers?

The mobile games industry offers a fascinating case study into how users feel about in-app purchases – and how much cash they can rake in.

Oops, we left your wallets open

$5,720 worth of Bitcoins stolen using Android security flaw

Google engineers warn devs to avoid JCA after “random” number generator produces duplicates.

Droid drama

Android open source maintainer quits over “sabotage”

Jean-Baptiste Quéru leaves position at Google after conflict over release of factory images for Nexus 7.

A bright IDEA

Talking Android Studio with JetBrains' Dmitry Jemerov

With Google's new Android IDE based on IntelliJ IDEA, we caught up with the JetBrains CTO to get his thoughts on the selection fo their IDE

JAX Magazine - 2014 - 06 Exclucively for iPad users JAX Magazine on Android


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