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Staying approachable

Where do we go after the ‘Open Source Revolution’?

It‘s safe to say we are living in open development times – but the journey isn‘t over yet. James Falkner examines what the future holds for open source.

Bang bang bang kerching and take your money

Agility was never supposed to come with a price tag

Co-writer of Manifesto for Agile Software Development argues “Agile” has been stripped of any of its original meaning.

Even more like a boss

Red Hat drops "unique" business process management suite

JBoss BPM Suite 6 aims to “empower” enterprise and IT users to better respond to demands of mission critical applications.

Critical thinking

Typesafe CTO: the Reactive future on the JVM is very bright

Typesafe's Jonas Bonér explains why the Reactive Manifesto is key for the for the future of high quality development - and why it’s good news for Java devs.


Presenting for Geeks: 3 tips for perfect tech talks

'Presenting for Geeks' author Dirk Haun shares three things to remember when preparing your next talk (spoiler: it's not about imagining your audience in their underwear).

Thar She Blows!

New Docker build puts the emphasis on quality

Version 0.8 comes complete with ADD caching feature, BTRFS storage driver, and official support for Mac OSX, among other updates.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

Continuous Delivery becoming a new norm across the board

According to a new study by Perforce Software, the tech space is rapidly absorbing CD as a given, with 80% of SaaS companies already putting it into practice.

An agile wind

Why Stormpath converted to Kanban

Burnt out by Scrum, engineers at user management startup found enlightenment in deadline-free Japanese methodology.

Days of Future Past

Our pundits predict what’s in store for Java in 2014

We’ve rounded up some pretty canny people from the sector to forecast their expectations for Java in 2014 and resolutions, for the months ahead, as well as personal highs…

This is not just science - this is big data science

Using QuantCell, the polyglot big data spreadsheet, to deploy MapReduce algorithms

Now spreadsheet users can tap into the capabilities of major programming languages! Agust Egilsson and Kris Tholeiffsson show us how.

King of Silicon Alley

MongoDB's Dwight Merriman: "We think all the NoSQL products are competitors"

We meet the king of the Silicon Alley startup scene to discuss NoSQL, breaking records, and why he believes the success of the humongous database is down to more than just…

Stop everything!

The final JAX Magazine of 2013 has arrived

The latest instalment of our free mag is freshly baked and ready to download. Fortified with M2M, Git, Cypher, NoSQL and JUG goodness.

Secret sauce

Why visual tools enhance collaboration in your teams

Collaborative skills can make or break an agile team - Jayathirtha R Rao shows us how big visual charts (BVCs) can help.

The Chosen One?

Pivotal aims to level development playing field with new release

With the launch of enterprise oriented Pivotal One, company promises that everyone can now develop like an internet titan.

Knowledge library

JAX London 2013 slides now available

Presentations from our expert Java, JVM, and big data focused speakers are now up on Slideshare for all to see.

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