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UI Framework

Why you'll want to check out Vaadin 7.3's new Valo Theme Engine

The latest release of the UI framework Vaadin has added a brand new theme engine designed to increase your productivity and make your life easier.

Puppet up

DevOps tool Puppet-lint gets its first major release

You probably already know the VMware-backed tool Puppet. But do you know it's little brother Puppet-lint, whose job it is to check if your Puppet code is up to scratch?

Ninja programming

Ten subtle best practices when coding Java

Lukas Eder takes us through ten subtle tips and tricks for ninja programming in less common situations involving API / SPI design.

Conceptual curve

A new front for SOA: Open API and API management as a game changer – Part II

The continuation of our deep dive into Open Api – taking a look at the management products.

Conceptual curve

A new front for SOA: Open API and API management as a game changer – Part I

A deep dive into the concepts of Open API and the obstacles and opportunities it presents.

Tech romance

Docker partners up with VMware

Docker, the lightweight alternative to virtual machines, is to integrate more smoothly with VMware’s line of products

Red cloud

Red Hat to release CloudForms 3.1 update

Red Hat has announced a number of new features to be added to its open hybrid cloud management solution in September

Java-headed Python

Java + Python: Jython 2.7 beta 3 has arrived

The latest version of Jython, the Python language written in Java, brings CPython compatibility and the popular Requests HTTP library.

Big data, big risks

Five ways companies are losing money on big data

Big data has made big wins for a small few. But there’s still plenty of ways for companies to hurt themselves trying to hop on the analytics bandwagon.

API design

The Java fluent API designer crash course

A guide to creating fluent APIs and mapping them to Java.

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