Daily Roundup

New Versions of JGit and EGit Implementations Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Blackberry Java SDK 7 moves out of beta.

New Versions of JGit and EGit Implementations

Version 1.1 of the JGit and EGit implementations of the Git SCM,
have been released. JGit 1.1 adds new Git porcelain commands and command
options, including ReflogCommand, DeleteTagCommand and DiffCommand,
and ResetCommand now supports recursive reset on a particular
directory. Shallow cloning support and blame command in the JGit
command line, have also been added. Meanwhile, EGit 1.1 adds a new reflog view that supports
searching and filtering, and displays the reflog for a particular
branch through the hyperlink ref name. The commit dialogue has also
been improved, with support for commit ID hyperlinks and content
assist for file names displayed in the ‘Files’ section. New
features have been added to synchronise view, including the ability
to synchronise filtered on folder, and drag and drop staging and
unstaging, in the Git Changeset Model.


Bug Fixes for JBoss AS 7.0.2

JBoss AS 7.0.2 has been released. This is a
maintenance release, which fixes an issue that caused the Web
Console not to display messaging subsystem resources, and a bug
that caused an error replicating HTTP session. The console has also
been updated to 1.0.0-Beta17. JBoss AS 7.0.2 is available in a ‘Web
Profile Only’ Java EE 6 certified package, and a non-Java EE6
Certified package that contains everything, which can be downloaded from the JBoss website.


Blackberry Java SDK 7 Moves Out of Beta

The Blackberry Java SDK 7 is now out of beta. This
SDK adds support for the Open GL ES 2.0 standard, and new APIs,
including the Native Window API, UDP Multicast API and the Audio
Buffering API that allows the application to set the buffer size
prior to playback starting. The OpenVG API has also been enhanced
to support common OpenVG operation. There are new APIs for
integrating applications with BlackBerry smartphone features,
including Geofencing APIs that specify geospatial boundaries, and
Maps APIs, for adding complex geospatial shapes to a MapField and
informing the MapField when their state has changed.

The BlackBerry Java SDK version 7.0 is available through the
BlackBerry Java Plugin for Eclipse update site, and requires the
BlackBerry Java Plugin for Eclipse 1.3.


Bug Fixes for Android SDK Revision 13

A new release of the Android SDK has been released. Android SDK Revision 13 fixes a list of bugs,
including a compilation issue in Ant, a rendering issue when using
emulator scaling, and issues that occurred when AVD paths contained
spaces. For users developing with Eclipse and ADT, Android SDK
Revision 13 requires ADT 12.0.0 and later. Users developing outside
of Eclipse, must have Apache Ant 1.8 or later.

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