Scala Creator Launches New Company

New Typesafe Scala Company

Jessica Thornsby

New Scala company from Martin Odersky and Jonas Bonér.

A new Scala company, Typesafe, has been launched with $3 million in Series
A financing led by Greylock Partners. Martin Odersky and Jonas
Bonér will serve as Typesafe’s co-founders, and Greylock is joined
in Series A investment by individual investors, including the VP of
Growth, Mobile and International at Facebook; the founders of
VMware; and the SVP of Commerce and Local at Google. James Gosling
and Doug Lea are on the board of advisers.

“With Typesafe, we’re introducing a modern software architecture
that is designed for parallel and distributed computing, bringing
huge advantages in scalability and reliability. Moreover, Typesafe
is committed to ensuring Scala is 100 percent interoperable with
existing Java investments in the enterprise,” said Odersky, of the
new Scala company.

The company have launched the open source Typesafe Stack for
accelerating Scala development. The Stack consists of Scala, Akka
middleware, the Scala IDE for Eclipse and Simple Build Tool. In
addition, Typesafe will offer commercial support and maintenance,
and documentation, training and consulting services.

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