New Tools for Mobile Web Project Proposal

Jessica Thornsby

New Eclipse project aims to deliver a complete web tools solution for mobile development.

The Tools for Mobile Web (TMW) project has been proposed
as a new sub-project under the Sequoyah Container Project.

This project aims to provide a complete web tools solution for
the Eclipse community. It relates to several existing projects: TMW
will build on top of WTP to leverage and extend its source editing
tools and JSDT. Meanwhile, its preview capabilities come from
XULRunner and its debugging capabilities from Chromium.

TMW will add functionality for mobile specific features like
previewing, skinning, configuration, device deployment, and
debugging. It will provide extensible frameworks that will enable
creation of the IDEs for specific mobile runtimes,
platform-specific APIs, and a unified architecture that aims to
improve compatibility between offerings from different vendors.

Most of the contributed code is licensed with EPL, but the CSS
Validator, Google Chrome and XULRunner components are released
under different licenses. Nokia, Sony Ericsson and IBM have all
expressed interest in the project.

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