Kirill Grouchnikov Projects

New Releases for Trident, Flamingo and Substance Plugins

Jessica Thornsby

Kirill Grouchnikov releases Trident 1.3, Flamingo 5.0 and Substance 6.1.

Kirill Grouchnikov has published new
of his Trident, Flamingo, and Substance projects.

  • Trident 1.3 is primarily a maintenance release, but does
    feature some API additions to the repaint timelines.
  • Flamingo 5.0 contains a new scroller panel component and a new
    colour selector popup. It also introduces toggle menu buttons and a
    dock icon for ribbon frame on Mac.
  • Substance 6.1 introduces platform specific keyboard shortcuts
    and new Mariner and Office Black 2007 skins.

More information, is available at Kirill Grouchnikov’s blog

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