Four New Apache Releases

New Releases for Apache Projects XML Graphics and Stonehenge

Jessica Thornsby

Second incubating release for the Apache OpenWebBeans project and Apache PDFBox 1.2.1

Apache XML Graphics Commons 1.4

Apache XML Graphics Commons version 1.4 is out now.

Apache XML Graphics Commons is a library consisting of reusable
components used by Apache Batik and Apache FOP. With this release,
XML Graphics Commons gets support for AdobeStandardCyrillic
encoding, RefinedImageFlavor, and TexturePaint support for
PSGraphics2D. This release also adds an interface for Colour
Conversions and features functionality for native encoding of CMYK
images for PostScript output.

Please see the Release Notes for more information.

Second Incubating Release for Apache

The Apache Stonehenge team have announced their second
release as an Apache Incubator project.

The m2-incubating release is a set of example applications for
Service Oriented Architecture. It aims to illustrate and develop
best practice for interoperable applications that communicate via
distributed protocols, and demonstrate interoperability between
platforms. This release sees Sun Metro join the list of supported
platforms. The project uses the currently-defined W3C and OASIS
standard protocols.

Apache Implementation of JSR-299 and

The Apache OpenWebBeans Team have announced the
availability of Apache OpenWebBeans 1.0.0-alpha-1.

Apache OpenWebBeans is an implementation of JSR-299 ‘Context and
Dependency Injection for Java’ and JSR-330 ‘atinject.’ It provides
Dependency Injection scaling from Java SE environments up to EE6
servers, and aims to create a new set of WebBeans components for
exposing the functionality of other Apache Foundation projects. The
1.0.0-alpha-1 release implements the latest API, and passes the
JSR-330 TCK.

It can be downloaded now.

Bug Fixes with Apache PDFBox 1.2.1

Apache PDFBox version 1.2.1 is out now.

PDFBox is a Java library for working with PDF documents. PDFBox
1.2.1 is a patch release that addresses some issues with the 1.2.0
release. This includes a performance regression caused by repeated
attempts to load missing font metrics. It also fixes a problem
where PDFBox wrapper didn’t work with PDFReader and

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