OSLC Project Proposal

New OSLC Project Aims to Improve Community Process

Jessica Thornsby

OSLC Open Source project aims to provide tools to support the specification process.

The OSLC Open Source Project Proposal has been
posted. OSLC is a community that authors specifications for linked
lifecycle data. The OSLC Open Source project proposes to be
affiliated with OSLC, and support the work at open-services.net, in
an effort to improve the OSLC community process by sharing code and
additional supporting materials. The project will consist of test
suites for OSLC service provider implementations, reference
implementations of OSLC services, specification artifacts, and the
tools, models and pictures needed to support the specification
process. It will also encourage additional contributions and
components that support the OSLC community goals.

The initial contribution will consist of JUnit tests created by
IBM developers for testing OSLC implementations in IBM products.
The OSLC project code will depend on a number of open source
projects, including JUnit 4 and OAuth.net 1.5. Initial committers
will be Steve Speicher and Dave Johnson.

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