Better late than never

New OSGi specifications released – Compendium 4.3 and Residential 3.4

Chris Mayer

After some delays, the new OSGi specification documents make their appearance, including the first ever Residential documentation.

After some delays, the OSGi Alliance have made the latest
specification documents available for download, in Compendium 4.3
and Residential 3.4 – the latter being the first of its kind.

The Compendium 4.3 document incorporates the latest
specifications from the
OSGi Enterprise 4.2
 release, including Remote Services
Admin, JTA, JDBC, JNDI, persistence framework
JPA, Web Applications and SCA Configuration. Also making
its way into the Compendium is the new Coordinator specification,
which makes it possible for multiple parties to
collaborate on a common task without 
 knowledge of who will collaborate in that
task, which is a useful addition for OSGi.

The specification states:

A collaborator can participate by adding a
Participant to the Coordination. The Coordination will notify the
Participants when the coordination is ended or when it is

Enhancements have been made to existing
specifications, notably the Configuration Admin has been
updated to allow multiple bundles to access the same configuration
and extend the security model to allow configuration “regions”.
Event Admin and Declarative Services have both undergone
transformations too.

The Residential Version is a new
initiative from the OSGi Alliance, brought in to lend a helping
hand to those within the Residential market, so areas such as
consumer electronics. The document lays out the foundations for
this market by providing requirements and protocols for management
of residential environments.

BJ Hargrave wrote in the

Requirements and management
protocols for this environment are defined in the specifications by
consortias like the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI), the Broadband
Forum (BBF) and the UPnP

Check out the
official announcement
for further details about these latest
documents. You can download the
specification PDFs, companion code JARs and
 from the OSGi website as

It’s a good first step since Peter
Kriens left the foundation, and as expected, the work continues
without him.

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