New Open Source Cloud Computing Software Project ‘OpenStack’

Jessica Thornsby

OpenStack Compute and OpenStack Storage software for building cloud infrastructure.

OpenStack is a new project that provides open source
cloud computing software for building cloud infrastructure that
runs on standard hardware.

The OpenStack project consists of OpenStack Compute and
OpenStack Storage.

OpenStack Compute can be used to create and manage groups of
virtual private servers. It is written in Python, using the Tornado
and Twisted frameworks. Meanwhile, OpenStack Storage is for use in
the creation of redundant, scalable object storage using clusters
of commodity servers to store data. Should a node fail, OpenStack
works to replicate its content from other active nodes.

According to the OpenStack website, Rackspace Hosting and NASA
are among the organisations currently using OpenStack technologies.
Early code is available on LaunchPad. An initial release for
OpenStack Storage is currently scheduled for mid-September, and an
initial release for OpenStack Compute expected in mid-October.

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