Koneki Eclipse Project Proposed

New Machine-to-Machine Eclipse Project Proposed

Jessica Thornsby

Koneki proposes to deliver new tools for developing and deploying machine-to-machine solutions.

Koneki is a new, proposed Eclipse project that
aims to provide tools to ease the development, simulation,
testing/debugging and deployment of machine-to-machine solutions.
Koneki plans to provide support for machine-to-machine targets
interactions, such as shell access and remote debugging, and
provide model-based tooling to give developers the ability to
design embedded applications, including Lua tooling. According to
the project proposal, Koneki will establish a data/event-driven
programming component-based model for embedded development. It is
expected that a M2M Industry Working Group will be created to aid
industrial partners and tool vendors in coming up with a reference
environment for developing M2M solutions.

The initial contribution will come from Sierra Wireless, and
will include sets of plugins that support the Lua language and
Linux target communication, a packaging mechanism of M2M
applications examples, and a proposed component model for M2M
applications. The initial contributors will be Benjamin Cabé,
Gaétan Morice and Simon Bernard, from Sierra Wireless.

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