Fresh Scala

New Initiative for Keeping Libraries up to Date

Jessica Thornsby

Community-driven initiative plan to address Scala’s version fragility.

A new, community-driven Scala-related initiative has been
announced: Fresh Scala.

Currently, the libraries that sit on top of Scala must be
recompiled against the latest version of Scala whenever traits in
the language change. Keeping libraries up to date will become more
work as the language evolves and the number of libraries grows.

Fresh Scala will try and rectify this problem, by providing
nightly builds of a collection of Scala libraries against a stable
development branch of Scala. This will be achieved by merging
stable trunk changes into the Fresh Scala branch. The chosen
libraries include Akka, Lift, ScalaCheck, and Scala Modules. A
Fresh Milestone will be released every Sunday night.

The project’s github is up and running, and the community can expect
builds to start appearing within the next few weeks.

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