GenGMF Project

New Editors for Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework

Jessica Thornsby

GenGMF is proposed as an incubator under the Graphical Modeling Project project.

GenGMF has been proposed as a new Eclipse project.

GenGMF aims to provide tooling for developing graphical editors
using the Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF), and to support the
developing of graphical DSLs. It will be built on top of EMF and
GMF, and will leverage the Xtend model transformation language for
the model transformation.

The GenGMF project will provide wizards for creating a
GenGMF-specific editor model, including different wizards for
descriptor creation and modification. The three model creation
wizards that are currently integrated with GMF, do not share
information between one another, and cannot handle the compartments
that can be used to display a parent-child-relation.

GenGMF will also provide a model editor for fine-tuning the
wizard-created models, and model-to-model transformation.

GenGMF will be designed to remove duplications by combining
similar figure descriptors with their attached node, edge,
compartment and label elements in a single template, in the hope of
keeping editor models manageable.

The initial code contribution will come from the existing

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