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New Eclipse Tooling for JavaFX Project

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, final draft of JSR 334 Proposed, and Oozie proposed for Apache Incubator.

Hadoop-Based Oozie Project for Apache

The Apache Hadoop-based Oozie project has been proposed as a new project under
the Apache Incubator. Oozie is a server-based workflow scheduling
and coordination system for managing Apache Hadoop’s data
processing jobs. Oozie includes a XML-based declarative framework,
and functionality for monitoring, automatic retry and failure
handling of jobs. Oozie supports different types of jobs, including
Hadoop Map-Reduce, Pipe, Streaming, Pig and Hive.

According to the project proposal, Oozie’s inclusion in the
Apache ecosystem would give users of Hadoop the ability to
influence Oozie’s roadmap. Currently, Oozie is available from
under an Apache license, and comprises of committers
from multiple companies, including Yahoo!, Cloudera and IBM . JIRA
is used for issue tracking and Yahoo! Groups is used for developer
and user communications.


New Eclipse Tooling for JavaFX Project

Tom Schindl has blogged about a new Eclipse Tooling for JavaFX
project he has started working on, called e(fx)clipse. Currently, the project includes a
CSS-Editor built using Xtext, which works in Eclipse 4.1 and 3.7.
The editor features Syntax-Highlighting, and proposals for
CSS-Attributes. Attribute value proposals are also supported.

This is an early release, and thus the e(fx)clipse editor is
currently only registered for .fxcss-Files.


Update for JavaTest Harness-Based Project

Version 4.4 of the JT Harness configurable test harness has been
released. JT Harness is based on Oracle’s JavaTest harness. In this update, matching
can now be made case sensitive, whereas previously the matching of
test names in an exclude list has been case-insensitive. The known
failure lists in 4.4 allow users to specify one or more files that
contain the names of tests that are known to result in a Failed
status upon execution. The harness can then generate an HTML report
from the list. The usability of the “Report Converter” tool has
also been improved, and the speed of loading the ResultCache file
has been improved. JT harness 4.4 is compatible with JT harness
4.3. More information is available at the Release Notes.


New Scala Extension

Ozma,’ a new Scala extension that adds Oz concurrency,
has been released. Ozma implements the Scala specification and runs
on Oz’s Mozart
. It extends Scala’s functionality with dataflow variables,
declarative concurrency, lazy declarative concurrency, and
message-passing concurrency. Ozma is available from GitHub.


Looking Ahead to EMF Compare in Juno

After EMF Compare 1.2.0 was shipped as part of this year’s
Eclipse Simultaneous Release, Laurent Goubet has blogged his thoughts on what next year’s Juno
release could include. EMF Compare currently supports comparing and
merging EMF models, and displays the differences in the form of two
trees. Goubet writes that the Juno release could display the
detected differences directly on the diagram itself. There are also
plans to improve the UML-specific comparison engine, the first
version of which was included in the Indigo release. EMF Compare 1.2.0 can be downloaded now.


Final Draft of JSR 334 Proposed

A proposed final draft of JSR 334, can now be
accessed. Since the public review, language changes have been
properly incorporated into JLS, and thread safely requirements have
been added to Throwable.addSuppressed and Throwable.getSuppressed.
A new constructor has also been added to Throwable, to allow
suppression to be disabled. The proposed final draft can be
read in full on the JCP website.

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