Meet Eclipse Skalli

New Eclipse Project Management Tool

Jessica Thornsby

Skalli has been proposed as a new Eclipse Technology Project.

Skalli has been proposed as a new Eclipse
Technology Project. Skalli will provide a project management tool,
which will leverage search technologies and social network
mechanisms. These technologies and mechanisms will be used to
structure and locate necessary projects, linking them and
integrating their data and services so users can get an overview of
each project’s state, and pinpoint its resources. Skalli is not out
to replace the existing project tool infrastructure, such as wiki,
bugtracker and source code management system.

The Skalli project plans to support the creation of new projects
and the processes that occur within a project’s lifecycle, such as
a committer election. Self-services within Skalli will support the
maintenance of project data. The project will leverage mechanisms
provided by OSGi, allowing modules introducing new connections or
UI building blocks to be added as required. The data about projects
maintained within Skalli will be available via a REST API.

Skalli will run on Eclipse Virgo and use the Eclipse preference
store, with the EMF toolset and EclipseLink potentially being used
in the future. Ultimately, the Skalli project aims to provide a
replacement for the current foundation portal, in
alignment with the Phoenix project. The initial code contribution
will come from SAP, and includes the basic set of features, project
maintenance and data validation, a REST API for data retrieval, and
functionality for searching for projects.

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