Daily Roundup

New Distribution of OpenSolaris and BigMemory Java Add-on to Enterprise Ehcache

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Scalamodules 2.0.0. final is released, and AWS announce new Linux Image for Amazon EC2.

Scalamodules 2.0.0 is Final!

Scalamodules 2.0.0 final has been released.

This version switches to releases repository and uses version
1.0.0 final of the bnd4sbt BND plugin for SBT.

AWS Announce new Linux Image for Amazon EC2

Amazon Web Services have announced a new ‘Amazon
Linux AMI
‘ project; a Linux image provided by Amazon Web
Services, for use on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

Amazon Linux AMI will provide an execution environment for
applications running on Amazon EC2, and will include several
packages that enable integration with Amazon Web Services, such as
launch configuration tools and AWS libraries and tools. Amazon Web
Services will provide security and maintenance updates to all
instances running the Amazon Linux AMI.

Mozilla Release JavaScript Browser

Mozilla have announced the first release of their Kraken browser benchmark. The team plan to
build out the Kraken test suite in the next few months.

Kraken is a test harness, largely based on the SunSpider
JavaScript benchmark.

No More Garbage Collection Pauses with

A beta of Terracotta’s BigMemory Java add-on to Enterprise Ehcache is
now available.

BigMemory provides an off-heap cache that eliminates the garbage
collection pauses and allows Java applications to use all of the
memory available on a machine. It can work for stand-alone or
distributed caches.

New Illumos Foundation Distribution of

A new distribution of OpenSolaris has been launched: OpenIndiana. This distribution is part of the Illumos

OpenIndiana will combine official Solaris source with community
enhancements, but it intends to use the Illumos project in future
releases, so the closed source binaries will be replaced with open
ones. x86 Architecture is available at the present, but SPARC will
follow at a later date.

Live ISO from the project’s development branch is now available.
OpenIndiana was conceived after the Oracle takeover of Sun
Microsystems, but before it was announced that Oracle were
discontinuing OpenSolaris in favour of Solaris 11 Express.


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