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New Design Tool Offering RichFaces Support and Next OSGi Specification To Support Java Generics

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Seam 2.2.1.CR2, a data loss alert for CouchDB 1.0.0, and Tasktop Technologies announce new Tasktop Agile Planner product.

Seam 2.2.1.CR2 With Bug Fixes for CR1

Seam 2.2.1.CR2 is out now.

Seam is an open source development platform for building rich
Internet applications in Java. It integrates technologies including
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, JavaServer Faces, and Java

This is a bug and security fix release for the CR1 release.

Data Loss in CouchDB 1.0.0!

Damien Katz has posted an alert on a data loss bug in CouchDB 1.0.0.

Developers running CouchDB 1.0.0 with the default delayed commit
setting, are risking serious data loss upon restart. Instructions
on how to configure your server at runtime to run in the safer full
commit mode can be found at the CouchDB website.

CouchDB 0.11.1 and earlier are unaffected, and servers with
delayed commits turned off are unaffected. CouchDB 1.0.1 is
expected to fix this bug.

Design Tool Offering RichFaces Support

Exadel have launched a new Collaboration Project, Tiggr.

According to the project website, Tiggr will allow developers to
store their work online and create mockups, without having to
download anything first. You can also invite friends and
colleagues, share and jointly edit your mockups, and see updates in
real-time. The website also names Tiggr as the only design tool
offering RichFaces support.

The roadmap lists project skins and default styles for UI
components, markup palette and functionality for previewing and
exporting in HTML, as future features of Tiggr.

OSGi Spec To Support Java Generics

Neil Bartlett has blogged that the next version of the OSGi specification will support
Java Generics.

The ServiceTracker class will take two type parameters, while
the ServiceReference and ServiceRegistration classes will have a
single parameter for the service type. There will also be new
methods on BundleContext that take Class<S> to produce
objects of those types.

Although neither the specification nor the RFC working document
are publicly available, the new API can be viewed now.

New Tasktop Agile Planner

Tasktop Technologies have announced a new Tasktop Agile Planner product. Tasktop Agile
Planner leverages Mylyn connectors, and aims to provide Agile teams
with planning support spanning multiple vendors’ solutions, in
order to manage defect and project management systems.

Tasktop Agile Planner consists of a rich desktop client and an
Eclipse-based user interface for accessing Tasktop Certified Agile
project management integrations, such as ThoughtWorks Studios’
Mingle and IBM Rational Team Concert. This user interface works on
Windows, Mac and Linux. It can provide offline access to plans and
enables user stories to be associated with defects stored in
external systems. With its time tracking functionality, Tasktop
Agile Planner can also automate the tracking of time spent on

The Tasktop Agile Planner is currently available in a beta
version through Tasktop’s early access program, with general
availability planned for mid-September.

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