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New Community Bylaws Draft – Coming Soon

Jessica Thornsby

Spurred by IBM and Apple’s decisions to join OpenJDK, Mark Reinhold has been working on the Community Bylaws.

Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, Mark
Reinhold has revealed that he has been drafting a set of Community Bylaws since November
2010, following IBM and Apple’s decisions to join the OpenJDK
Community. The bylaws have been drafted in collaboration with IBM’s
John Duimovich and Jason Gartner, Mike Milinkovich of Eclipse, Doug
Lea and Adam Messinger. They took the work of the Sun-chartered
OpenJDK Interim Governance Board as a starting point.

According to John Duimovich, a draft will be posted “soon,” and all revisions have
been made with the community in mind: “any changes were evaluated
in the spirit of ensuring an open, transparent, and meritocratic
project that can be run in a lightweight and efficient manner. We
want to be inclusive and hope contributors feel comfortable joining
the project.” Mike Milinkovich has also written a positive blog on the revisions, hoping that his
contributions have helped get the “OpenJDK community off to a great

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