New Cloud-Based Real-Time Collaboration Platform

Jessica Thornsby

Real-time authoring, document sharing functionality and Google Wave Federation Protocol with new Novell Pulse platform.

Novell have announced the ‘Pulse
cloud-based, real-time collaboration platform.

The platform combines real-time authoring and document sharing
functionality, communication, social messaging tools and management
capabilities. A suggestion system allows users to recommend people
and groups, and gadgets can be embedded into messages and profiles.
Pulse comes with security granular policy-driven controls, and a
Google Wave Federation Protocol that allows integration with other
co-editing and collaboration tools, such as Google Wave and
extensions that third parties may build on top of the Novell Pulse

Novell will begin sending account access notifications to
BrainShare 2010 attendees, who will be the first to test the
platform. Other interested parties can register
for notifications when the Novell preview becomes available
for a broader audience. Pulse will be generally available in the
second half of 2010 in a cloud deployment. An on-premise deployment
option will follow.

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