Deploy Business Intelligence Apps

New BIRT-based ActuateOne Unified Environment

Jessica Thornsby

BIRT 360, BIRT Data Analyser, and BIRT iServer make up new ActuateOne product.

Actuate have announced their new ActuateOne product for developing and deploying custom
Business Intelligence (BI) applications and information

ActuateOne aims to provide a unified environment, and deploys
from on-premises to the cloud. It includes release 11 of Actuate’s
products for the Eclipse BIRT open source project, including BIRT
iServer and two new options: BIRT 360 and BIRT Data Analyser. It is
based on the BIRT design. The BIRT design is reusable, and supports
object-orientated components and libraries. ActuateOne allows a
BIRT design to perform tasks such as integrating data from multiple
disparate sources – such as RDBMS, XML and Pojos – and generating
interactive dashboards, analytics and web content.

Within one user context, ActuateOne provides BIRT-based, in
memory analytics; interactive web output; Flash widgets for data
visualisation and live Excel from BIRT output.

ActuateOne is currently aimed for general availability in in
October, 2010.

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