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New App Store for Apache Subversion

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, OSGi Core 4.2 framework compliant release integrates with JBoss AS7.

New App Store for Apache Subversion

WANdisco have announced a new ‘uberApps‘ store
for application lifecycle management products for Apache
Subversion, which will include apps such as SonarSource and

“By offering products that our team has certified to work with
Apache Subversion and the uberSVN Platform, uberApps saves time and
money while simplifying application discovery and delivery,” said
David Richards, the CEO of WANdisco.

Applications from the uberApps store are pre-certified to
integrate with the uberSVN ALM Platform for Subversion. A download of
uberSVN that contains uberApps is available at the uberSVN website.


Bamboo 3.2 with Release Management Updates

Version 3.2 of Atlassian’s Bamboo has been
announced, with manual stages, release management, and updated
application linking functionality. Version 3.2 of Atlassian’s
continuous integration tool can be used to automate release tasks,
using the Bamboo build process, and ‘Tasks’ can also be used to
automate functions such as tagging releases, creating a release
branch, and labelling a build. There is a new ‘Manual Stages’
feature, which allows users to manage release activities through
pausing the automatic build execution at a specific step in the
build process. In addition, Plan filters have been introduced for
the dashboard and wallboard.


JBoss OSGi 1.0.0 is Final

JBoss OSGi 1.0.0 is Final! This OSGi Core 4.2
framework compliant release integrates with JBoss AS7, and migrates
to the Arquillian test framework. JTA support has been removed for
standalone Runtime, and Dynamic Services have been added to
examples and distro. The user guide has been updated with OSGi in
AS7 usage and there is now a ‘OSGi in AS7′ QuickStart guide. More
information on the changes, is available at the Changelog.


Apache Camel 2.8.0 Released

Version 2.8.0 of the Apache Camel integration framework, has been released.
In this update, Mock endpoints is now lenient, to facilitate
replacing components with Mock for testing purposes, and Camel
places a breadcrumb header in the Camel Message. This allows users
to track messages across transports such as JMS, HTTP, and more.
The endpoint cache can be configured on CamelContext in version
2.8.0, and JBoss 6 is supported, alongside support for the
Asynchronous Routing Engine in Restlet producer. More information
is available at the New & Noteworthy.

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