Java-based IDE comes stocked full of new features

NetBeans IDE 7.1 RC1 unleashed

Chris Mayer

JavaFX 2 and enhanced JavaEE are the two main draws for NetBeans 7.1 RC1

The all-encompassing and award-winning development environment
that works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris has launched its
latest release – 7.1 RC1,
introducing major support for Java FX 2.0.

NetBeans, comprising of the IDE and application framework, has
long had a vibrant community of avid users and they must be
savouring the prospect of getting to grips with the latest taste of
the revolutionary software.

blogged today about what the release means to him –
unveiling more nifty add-ons that NetBeans has at its disposal.
Apart from the aforementioned Java FX 2.0 support, the most
important improvements come in the form of a new Java editor, which
can upgrade projects up to JDK 7, and supplementary Java EE extras,
promising 50+ CDI improvements, RichFaces4 and ICEFaces2
component libraries and an EJB Timer creation wizard.

That’s just scratching the surface however, the New and
section from NetBeans details much more, including
Git and Maven enhancements. The build is available in
English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and
Simplified Chinese, showing you the global reach NetBeans has.

The team want feedback from the open source community, to iron
out any minor problems as this release becomes more frequently
used, so be sure to fill in their survey
once you’ve got going. Fortunately, if you’re stumped, the team has
provided a plethora of tutorials to help you out as

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