Sneak preview for IDE

NetBeans 7.2 gets beta

Chris Mayer

Oracle’s comprehensive IDE gets a boost, with a sneak preview into NetBeans 7.2

Oracle’s Java desktop app platform and IDE, NetBeans has entered
the final stages of development toward the next final version, with
the beta released for NetBeans 7.2.

The latest edition aims to provide a smoother experience and
plain sailing for those using PHP, JavaScript and Ajax,
Groovy and Grails, and C/C++ to write the applications. Project
scanning is now carried out in the background rather than blocking
the editor itself. This in turn gives you speedier project scanning
and all-round better performance on remote filesystems.

For pure Java fans, there’s an array of advances such as
FindBugs and TestNG testing framework support,
with general Maven, debugging and refactoring work underlying that.
For those using Java EE, there’s more to savour such as the ability
to link up to 
Oracle Public
 and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk support, as well as
various updates for JSF component suites. There’s now code
completion for Java Persistence named queries and JPQL
statements as well.

Carrying on from the recent JavaFX overhaul, there’s the ability
to work with the new Scene Builder interoperability, plus
generally improved FXML and JavaFX CSS support and FX-in-Swing

Elsewhere in the JVM, Groovy is updated to 1.8.6 and gets
radical improvements to scanning, code completion and Go to Type
action speed. This is good to know, as Groovy can on occasion be

An excellent New and
guide goes into deeper detail on what has changed,
and there’s Release
 provided too. You’ll find a download
link and installation
too, NetBrains don’t shirk responibilities in user
guidance, that’s for sure. The most inclusive IDE just got a little
bit sweeter.

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