NetBeans Roadmap Shake-Up

NetBeans 6.10 Becomes NetBeans 7.0

Jessica Thornsby

NetBeans 7.0 coming in March 2011 with support for JDK 7 Beta.

The NetBeans team have announced some changes to the NetBeans roadmap: NetBeans 6.10 is
being renamed to NetBeans 7.0.

This change is being made to more clearly align the NetBeans
versioning with the Java platform. Un March 2011, NetBeans 7.0 will
be released with support for JDK 7.0 features and JDK 7 Beta. Upon
the release of JDK 7 production, a patch release of NetBeans 7.0
will be issued; with NetBeans 7.1 following in autumn. NetBeans 7.1
will focus on supporting Client Java and JavaFX Java APIs.

Please note that future releases of NetBeans will not offer
support for JavaFX Script, in keeping with Oracle’s decision to
discontinue JavaFX Script language.

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