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Neo4j 1.4 Goes GA!

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, SpringSource Tool Suite 2.7.1.

Neo4j 1.4 Goes GA!

After six milestones, Neo4j 1.4 is GA. In addition to the existing
support for the Gremlin query language, support for the Cypher
language has been added. Cypher provides DBA-friendly syntax for
graph queries, allowing users to explore and draw business
intelligence on the data. The release also features an
auto-indexing framework, and upgrades to Lucene 3.1, which means
that index operations should be faster. Following community
feedback, Neo4j now supports relationships where the start and end
nodes are the same. Also included, is a paging mechanism for
traversers, and improvements to the Webadmin tool that comes with
the server. Neo4j 1.4 GA can be downloaded


STS Cloud Foundry 2.7.0 M3 Released

The third milestone of STS Cloud Foundry 2.7.0 has been
released. In this milestone, the synchronisation between tooling
and Cloud Foundry has been improved, along with improved handling
of user credentials and password prompting. Changing your password
is also now supported. An introduction to the tooling, is available at
the SpringSource blog.


Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0.0 Beta 8 Fixes Memory

The eighth beta of Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0.0 is
out now. Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0.0 beta 8 fixes a memory leak in
mark occurrences and a crash in Java completion for Scala classes
in the default (empty) package. A new Run Selection REPL has also
been added. This release is compatible with both Eclipse Helios and
Indigo, and is available in two flavours: 2.9.0-1, and the
2.8.2-SNAPSHOT version. The complete list of fixed tickets can be viewed at
the Scala IDE for Eclipse website.


SpringSource Tool Suite 2.7.1 Released with Roo

SpringSource Tool Suite 2.7.1 has been announced, with
support for Spring Roo 1.1.5. This release also ships with Spring
Roo 1.1.5, and adds the ability to customise the Roo Shell colours.
A server status section has been added in the Cloud Foundry server
editor, which displays whether it’s connected to the Cloud Foundry
account, and whether you can connect or disconnect from the

More information is available at the New & Noteworthy (PDF.)

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