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Mylyn 3.7 lets Gerrit onboard

Chris Mayer

The revolutionary type-focused interface that only shows the relevant code has a new version, bringing in code-review connector Gerrit.

The open source ALM Eclipse
project has certainly skyrocketed in its popularity since
the idea for it was floated about back in 2005. Now comfortably in
their third series, Tasktop has released Eclipse Mylyn 3.7 which
once again shook up the formula adding in some cool new

Steffen Pingel notes
just how far the multi-task tool has come,
saying that ‘when Mylyn was still known as Mylar, our Bugzilla
listed a few hundred tasks for the project. Six years later, my
Task List has accumulated over 10K tasks for Mylyn alone and
contains twice as many tasks in total’.

Clearly to cope with the sheer amount of tasks, Mylyn has
constantly evolved and version 3.7 brings in improved filtering
to the Task List via the use of a Lucene-based index.
This allows for more comprehensive search system by
instanteously querying the full comment streams of all
tasks. Pretty nifty and it adds a whole range of dimensions to

Also, the Tasktop team have responded to
clamouring for a proper code-review system within Mylyn, by
including the popular Gerrit fully after trialling it within the
sister project, Mylyn Reviews. Fully upgraded to Gerrit 2.2 after
maturing there, the connector is now included in Mylyn
releases and the Juno repository. The connector holds
close links with the latest version of EGit and extends the import
wizard for simple importing of projects. When a Gerrit server has
been configured, the wizard provides a listing of all Git
repositories from that server to allow simple cloning and importing
of all available projects.

enhancements include better integration in Compare Editor and
hyperlinks within the Task Editor to link artifacts together.
Seemingly simple additions that should make life

To get to grips with
all that is new to Eclipse Mylyn in 3.7, check out the New and Noteworthy. Even
better, if you’re attending EclipseCon this week, you
can visit the Tasktop team there to see it in action for

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