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MyEclipse for Spring 9.0 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, beta of Seam JMS 3.0.0 and IBM add OSGi support to CICS.

Beta of Seam JMS 3.0.0

The first beta of Seam JMS 3.0.0 has been released.
This beta adds support for egress (outbound to a JMS Queue/Topic)
and ingress (inbound from a JMS Queue/Topic) event routes, and
comes with a simplified messaging API for use within applications.
This is the first release of the module that’s intended for
deployment on JBoss AS 6. The compatibility with Glassfish version
3.1 has also been improved.

Gora ORM Framework Releases 0.1 from Apache

Apache Gora 0.1-incubating has been released from the
Apache Incubator. Gora is an Object Relation Mapping framework for
column stores, which particularly focuses on Apache Hadoop. Gora
aims to become the standard data representation and persistence
framework for big data. Planned for future releases, is a
Java-friendly common API for accessing data regardless of its
location, and functionality for persisting objects to Lucene and
Solr indexes.

IBM CICS Adds OSGi Support

Version 4.2 of IBM’s CICS Transaction Server
transaction processing solution has been announced, and will
contain support for applications packaged as OSGi bundles.

“The JVM server infrastructure with integrated OSGi support and
tooling provides a new industry standard Java runtime environment
in CICS,” say IBM at the announcement. Virgo project lead Glyn Normington predicts that CICS will use
Equinox as its OSGi framework, and he is positive about the impact
this development will have on the OSGi ecosystem: “this is
heart-warming news to me, both as an OSGi proponent and as a former
member of the CICS development team,” he writes.

A beta version of CICS 4.2 is available now, and can be used
until July 31st, 2011.

MyEclipse for Spring 9.0

MyEclipse for Spring 9.0 (ME4S) has been
released with all the enhancements included in MyEclipse Pro 9.0.
Version 9.0 adds code generation for JSF 2.0, GWT 2.1.x, and REST
services, and enhances the code generation for Spring 3.0 MVC. ME4S
9.0 maintains legacy support for Spring MVC 2.5, for those
developers who are using older versions of Spring MVC. The
developer can specify the desired version within the scaffolding

A JPA 2.0 annotation editor has also been added, and the Spring
3.0 Controller annotation editor has been improved. A free 30 day trial is available.

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