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Modify Your Git Repositories with Emacs and Get a Sneak Peek at the Griffon 0.9 Release Notes

Jessica Thornsby

First Release Candidate for Apache Ivy 2.0.0 and SwingX 1.6.1.

First Release Candidate for Apache Ivy

The Apache Ivy team have announced version 2.2.0 RC1. This is the first release
candidate of Ivy 2.2.0.

Ivy is a tool for managing project dependencies. This release
introduces a new parent mechanism for Ivy files, and supports
ivy.xml parent mechanism and ‘gzip’ and ‘deflate’ HTTP
Content-Encoding. There is also a list of bug fixes.

SwingX 1.6.1 Released

SwingX has reached version 1.6.1.

SwingX brings extensions to the Swing GUI toolkit, including
filtering and highlighting functionality for tables, trees, and
lists, and auto-completion. With this release, SwingX gets prompt
support, and new Highlighters and HighlighterPredicates.

Tool for Modifying Git Repositories with

Version 0.8.1 of Magit is out now.

Magit allows developers to modify Git repositories with Emacs,
and supports reviewing and committing changes made to tracked files
and browsing the history of past changes.

Griffon 0.9 Pre-Release Notes

The release notes for the soon-to-be-released Griffon 0.9
are online now.

This release synchronises the codebase with Grails 1.3.2, which
means Griffon 0.9 now comes with Groovy 1.7.3 and uses JUnit 4 to
run tests. JUnit 4 comes with new features such as timeouts,
ignores, and class level before and after methods. According to the
Release Notes, pre Griffon 0.9 tests are fully backwards

New Components for Scala Developers

Circumflex is a new set of software components for
developing using Scala. It consists of six separate projects:

  • Circumflex Web Framework, a DSL for web application
  • Circumflex ORM, a framework for creating data-centric
  • Circumflex Markdown, which brings the text-to-html conversion
    tool to Scala users.
  • Circumflex Freemarker, which brings the Java templating
    language to Scala.
  • Circumflex Docco for documenting open source Scala programs in
    the Docco style.
  • More information on all the above components, is available at
    the Introducing Circumflex page.

Opera Mini 5.1 For Low Resolution Phones

Opera Mini 5.1 for Java phones is now

This release comes with a new skin for devices with low
resolution screens, which aims to improve memory usage and
usability, and reduce the frequency of “out of memory” issues.

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