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Mirantis stacks phonebook (and wallet) in new funding round

Elliot Bentley

Ericsson, Red Hat and SAP Ventures get in bed with OpenStack consultant, plus open-source deployment kit Fuel gets a Grizzly update.

Mirantis, provider of
OpenStack services, has raised $10m in their its second funding
round, bringing on board three major companies in the process:
Ericsson, Red Hat and SAP Ventures.

The three join WestSummit Capital and the investment
arms of Dell and Intel, which collectively invested $10m during the

initial funding round
in January. WestSummit Capital, a Chinese
company, led and contributed to both rounds.

Mirantis doesn’t offer an OpenStack distribution, but
consulting and training and services, pledging to provide “a
vendor-neutral implementation of OpenStack, free of lock-in hooks
or proprietary packaging”.

Along with the funding news, the company have today
released a Grizzly-compatible build of open-source deployment kit
called Fuel. An inevitable
paid version for subscribers is coming later this year.

Mirantis now finds itself with not only a bulging
wallet, but a phone book full of powerful friends, including three
of the OpenStack Foundation’s eight platinum
. Indeed, Mirantis boss Adrian Ionel says that the
latest investment “is about more than capital”, allowing for
“integration of Mirantis’ Fuel technology and services with key
players in IT”.

Details of this integration are still sketchy, but the

press release
suggests that Mirantis will aid Ericsson and SAP
in building their own OpenStack-powered infrastructures. Meanwhile,
Red Hat, which has become the
largest single contributor
to the OpenStack codebase, is
gearing up to launch its own commercial distribution. According to
Brian Stevens, Red Hat CTO, the collaboration will “help
accelerate” enterprise adoption.

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