OBR Everywhere?

Milestone release for OSGi – Bndtools 1.0.0 revealed

Chris Mayer

Tool set creates OSGi development environment with Eclipse

It’s been highly sought after for a while now, but Neil Bartlett
has finally uncovered the first stable release of Bndtools – an
Eclipse-based development haven for creating OSGi bundles.

An extension of the bundle tool created by Peter Kriens,
Bndtools 1.0.0 now
enables Eclipse users to create OSGi bundles and applications
easily and rapidly yet still producing accurate bundles of
metadata. Bndtools is intriniscally related to bnd, using it as the
engine room to instil best practices for creating OSGi

Many will already be aware of preview versions, but the first
stable version (now available through the Eclipse
or via github) gives users much
more bang for their buck. 

The main mantra for this release has been ‘OBR Everywhere’ –
meaning that bndtools utilises the OSGi Bundle Repository to full
effect by streamlining libraries to list only the most vital
ones. Bndtools enables OBR resolution results to be generated
ahead of time, before launching the framework, and reviewed or
potentially customised by either the developer or deployer.

Another big revision for this release is the new builder that
gets overhauls the incremental builder of old, creating a much
smarter builder that avoids unneccessary rebuilds and gladfully
eliminates the irritating lock-ups from the past.

The release also promises automatic semantic versioning,
new build-time package dependencies, editor completion and syntax

The developer blog gives much further insight into each of these
updates and
there are also a handy tutorial to
help you get set in the right direction.

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