Microsoft Hit Back Via Twitter

Microsoft Respond to Google’s Nortel and Novell Patent Accusations

Jessica Thornsby

Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith tweets that Google were invited into the consortium.

David Drummond, Chief Legal Officer
at Google recently posted a blog accusing a variety of rival
companies of forming consortiums to bid for the Novell and Nortel
patents, in a campaign against Android.


Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith
has since reacted by tweeting that, far from plotting “a hostile,
organized campaign against Android,” Google were allegedly asked to join the bid.



Furthermore, lead of corporate
communications at Microsoft, Frank Shaw posted an image of an email, which is allegedly between
Google lawyer Kent Walker and Brad Smith. In the email posted by
Shaw, Kent Walker is says:


“After talking with people here, it
sounds as though for various reasons a joint bid wouldn’t be
advisable for us on this one.”


At the time of writing, Google have
not commented on either the email screenshot, or the tweet.

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