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Micro Cloud Foundry gets bumper update, roadmap laid out

Chris Mayer

The on-premise version of VMware’s in-beta cloud platform Micro Cloud Foundry has this week received a huge update, bringing with it several new features.

The on-premise version of VMware’s in beta cloud platform
Micro Cloud Foundry has this week

received a huge update
, bringing with it
several new features.

Micro Cloud Foundry has all the features of the regular
version, but crucially allows developers to set up an instance on a
single virtual machine on their computer. With so many enterprises
wary of pushing their application out into the wild, the testing
ground of Micro Cloud Foundry is
touted as
an ideal place to learn the inner workings of

It seems VMware recognise the importance of having such a
proving ground, and have accordingly put a lot of work into the
Language support is strengthened through
“enhanced” Ruby and Node.js support, whilst running standalone apps
(such as Resque workers and Spring background tasks) is no longer a

Java 7 improvement are on the agenda too, enabling
applications such as vert.x and containers needing NIO, such as
Netty. Scala is bolstered through “explicit support for Play 2.0”.
Giving the developer choice should be imperative for any cloud
platform, as should the need to tap into as many communities as

Bigger changes are afoot for the Micro Cloud Foundry team,
announcing modifications alongside the release to maintain the
relationship to the full platform. This means more frequent
releases for Micro Cloud Foundry users so they can “stay on the
bleeding edge”. Updates will be tagged with a release version (i.e.
v116) that is the same as, following its twice
weekly update schedule.

Also planned by the team is a greater level of automated
testing, as you’d expect with the condensed release cycle, plus a
new web and REST interface to tie it all together. Keeping the two
projects intrinsically linked is logical and hopefully these
changes should help both continue to grow within the number of
communities they’re aiming for.

If your interest has been piqued by the improvements,
download the newest version

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