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Mesos Cluster Manager For Apache Incubator

Jessica Thornsby

Mesos has been proposed at the Apache Incubator.

Mesos has been proposed as an Apache Incubator project. Mesos is a
cluster manager providing resource sharing and isolation across
cluster applications, such as Hadoop MapReduce. When one instance
of MapReduce controls a cluster, it can result in problems with
isolation. It also provides a common interface for cluster
programming frameworks, for example Google’s Pregel and Apache
Hama. It will also allow users of frameworks such as Hadoop to have
multiple instances of the framework on the same cluster.

Mesos works by allocating resources at the ‘task’ level within
jobs, and performs application-controlled scheduling, which means
apps control which nodes their tasks run on. It supports master
failover using Apache ZooKeeper and currently supports running
Hadoop and MPI.

Mesos started life as a research project at UC Berkeley, and is
currently being tested at companies including Facebook and Twitter.
The project already employs the open source-friendly GitHub issue
tracker and mailing lists.

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