MercurialEclipse – Only Available to JavaForge Users

MercurialEclipse Restricted Access Controversy Continues

Jessica Thornsby

Two-year long MercurialEclipse contributor is denied access to the project.

Andrei Loskutov has posted his thoughts on the news that Intland
have decided to restrict public access to the new 1.7.0 release of MercurialEclipse. Currently, if
you wish to update the plugin or pull the sources via Eclipse
update manager, a valid JavaForge account is required and, although
this is free, Andrei Loskutov has discovered they can disallow you
access, if they so wish. After complaining about the restrictions
and engaging in an email conversation about his account, he was
restricted access to the MercurialEclipse project, despite
contributing to it for two years. “This is definitely NOT the right
way to maintain a Successful Open Development Community,” he
criticises. His reaction was to make both sources and binaries
available at Eclipse Labs.

His intention is not to fork the project, but to provide open
access to both the plugin and the update site: “until this isn’t
going to happen, I will maintain the open MercurialEclipse project
at Eclipse Labs.”

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