Beta of Platform for Business Apps

Meme IDE: New Cross-Platform From Meme Apps

Jessica Thornsby

“Many people are surprised to find that they are able to build Windows Mobile applications from Mac and Linux.”

Meme Apps recently announced the beta release of a new,
Eclipse-based, cross-platform tool for developing and managing
business applications, Meme IDE. In this interview, we speak to
Meme Apps CTO Simon Monk, to find out more about this new IDE.

JAXenter: You have just launched a beta of the
Meme IDE. In your opinion, what sets Meme apart, from other

Simon Monk: I think the key thing that we do
differently is to focus on a platform for business applications,
rather than games or consumer apps. This is reflected in our
initial choice of platforms – Windows Mobile 6.5 and Android 2.1.
Windows Mobile 6.5 is still the platform of choice for most
business applications, especially on rugged devices; however we are
seeing a great deal of interest in Android. We see the ability to
build for both of these platforms, from the same source code, as
future-proofing business solutions against the vagaries of the
mobile OS market.

JAXenter: What technologies play a role in the
Meme IDE?

Simon: Meme IDE is built using the Eclipse RCP.
It is a stand-alone IDE that you can run on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Many people are surprised to find that they are able to build
Windows Mobile applications from Mac and Linux.

The Apps are built using a combination of graphical editors
tailored to WM and Android and the Meme Script language. This
separates the presentation, which is platform specific, from the
business logic that is not.

JAXenter: What functionality is currently
available in the beta release?

Simon: The current beta release (1.10) includes
most of the core functionality for Windows Mobile and Android. It
can be downloaded from

The key features are:

* Graphical Editors for both platforms
* Full set of UI controls for both platforms
* HTTP and HTTPS requests
* Persistent storage of data on the devices
* Signature capture on Windows Mobile
* Android Emulator support

JAXenter: What do you have planned, for future
releases of Meme?

Simon: Version 1.11 beta is due for release on
September 1st 2011. As well as many minor incremental updates, this
will also include support for SQLite databases.

The development team is currently issuing a new release every
2-3 weeks. The priority of new features and bug fixes are informed
by the feedback from the beta process. The first commercial support
programs for Meme IDE will become available at the end of the beta
process (end of September 2011). The Meme IDE will remain free to
use after this time. iOS platform support will be available Q1

I am presenting a series of webinars on the Meme IDE. Details of
these can be found on the Meme IDE website.

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