Interview: Meet CouchBase

Membase+CouchOne Merger

Jessica Thornsby

Merging fills both our gaps 1-2 years faster than we would have been able to individually.

CouchOne and Membase recently announced they will
to form the new NoSQL company, ‘Couchbase‘ and
launch a new product family, which will be based on the Apache
CouchDB document database technology. In this interview, JAXenter
speaks to co-author of O’Reilly’s ‘CouchDB: The Definitive Guide,’
about the move……

JAXenter: Membase and CouchOne have announced a
merger. In the announcement, you stress how well these two
companies fit together. What makes Membase and CouchOne such a good

Jan Lehnardt: At a technology level, Membase
and CouchOne were starting at different points, but heading in the
same direction on our roadmap. Just as an example: Membase was
looking to develop indexing and querying, which were strong points
of CouchDB. CouchOne heard from users the need for clustering and
elasticity, strengths of Membase. And both companies had roadmap
plans and engineering activity to precisely fill the holes. Merging
fills both our gaps 1-2 years faster than we would have been able
to individually, and assembles a much larger team to innovate in
non-duplicating directions.

At a company level, there were also great synergies. For
example, Membase was looking for a CTO, CouchOne was looking for a
CEO as we went through a round of funding. Again, we filled each
other’s gaps in this area as Damien is the new CTO of the merged
company, and Bob Wiederhold, a very experienced CEO, is providing
business leadership.

JAXenter: You state your intention to join both
products together. What will the resulting product look like?

Jan Lehnardt: We have a high level plan, but
the details are being worked out as we speak. A few characteristics

– Full API compatibility with Apache CouchDB and Memcached. This
allows us to offer a drop-in replacement for users that already use
either of the projects.

- The CouchDB persistence, indexing and replication layer adds
these features to Membase. CouchDB users will benefit from higher
performance and strictly low latency guarantees of Membase.

- Our mantra is “Simple, Fast, Elastic” and it is not just some
marketing bullshit. There’s barely an engineering discussion where
this isn’t brought up. We believe in software that is easy to get
started with, is easy to use, does not compromise on making the
most of current and future hardware and allows users to scale out
to massive cluster and millions of mobile devices for data sync. If
we find that we are discussing a feature or implementation that
would break the above promise, we won’t do it.

JAXenter: What will pre-existing customers from
each company, gain from the merger?

Jan Lehnardt: First, we’d like to emphasize
that for users and customers whose needs are currently met with the
status quo, nothing will change except the url of the company
website. We are committed to make Couchbase a drop-in replacement
for both Apache CouchDB and Membase / Memcached. At the same time,
we merged precisely because many of customers were asking us for
new features. Membase users keep asking for more advanced querying
options, CouchDB has that. CouchDB users ask for higher performance
and latency guarantees, Membase has that. These are only two items
on a very long list that we gathered from our respective users.

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