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Maven Integration in Web Tools Platform – an Eclipse proposal

Chris Mayer

Maven is set to expand by adding in integration for Eclipse Web Tools Platform, via M2E

new Eclipse proposal has emerged
from the inner sanctum of Red
Hat’s m2eclipse team, putting forward a new open source project to
deliver integration with Maven and the Web Tools Platform.

Given that Maven is the defacto standard build tool for Java and
featuring heavily in the Eclipse M2E project to configure the JDT,
logically it should broaden its horizons into other Eclipse-centric
areas. This is also why this proposal has fallen under Eclipse’s
jurisidiction with so much M2E development already occuring
in-house and the ease of creating better relationships between WTP
and M2E communities.

M2E provides a set of extension points ‘to provide the mapping
between the “Maven World” and the “Eclipse World”‘, as the team’s
proposal puts it. For this project, a similar method would be
employed to provide a set of extension points, enabling Maven
projects to be usable within Eclipse WTP.

Alongside this bridge, there would be a Eclipse WTP module
component system to provide advanced functionality such as support
for Maven Web resource filtering and War Overlay features. The
proposal states that the primary goal is to ‘make the
bridge as transparent as possible when you import Maven
projects’ with the secondary goal to make Eclipse projects also
Maven projects when creating.

Work on the code is ongoing within the m2eclipse-wtp
project, under the guidance of Project Lead Fred Bricon. The team
broke away from the central m2eclipse base back in 2010, and has
gone from strength to strength.

The team intend to get this new open source project into a
release train, but the proposal of course comes too soon for Juno.
Kepler is the target for them. 

With m2eclipse-wtp being one of the most popular plugin
downloads in the Eclipse Marketplace, it’s great that this proposal
has surfaced to give some help to those using Eclipse Web Tools

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