Apple Knocked Down to No. 3

Market Share: Android Leaves Apple Behind

Jessica Thornsby

comScore report that Android now has a greater market share than Apple.

comScore have released the latest figures from their comScore MobiLens
service, shedding some light on trends in the U.S mobile phone
industry between September 2010 and November 2010. The report
offers an insight into the leading smartphone OS platforms, with
information on the market share of current mobile subscribers aged
13 and over.

Of the 61.4 million smartphone owners in the U.S recorded during
the three month period ending November 2010, RIM were in the number
one spot, with a 33.5% market share. But, it’s the runners-up that
are the most interesting this time around. According to comScore,
Android has passed Apple in total number of U.S. smartphone
subscribers for the very first time. Google’s Android OS takes the
number two spot, with a 26.0% of market share, with Apple coming in
a close third with 25%. Android has experienced an impressive
growth over this period, gaining a 6.4% market share, while Apple
has gained 0.8%, allowing Android to take the lead. In October, Apple and Google were almost
neck-and-neck, with Apple owning 24.6% of the market and Android
close behind with a 23.5% market share, making comScore’s
announcement that Android has overtaken Apple in terms of market
share, not all that surprising. Indeed, in May 2010
The NPD Group were already reporting
that Android had overtaken
Apple, based on unit sales.

Despite the controversial lawsuit, it seems like this could be
Android’s year. Not only is Android showing continued market
growth, but the operating system shows signs of moving into new and
innovative areas. Producer of Bluetooth devices Parrot have
announced ‘Parrot Asteroid,’ a car audio receiver powered
by Google’s operating system, while Audiovox are debuting a
prototype Android-powered rear-seat entertainment system.

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