Three Day Android Course

Mark Murphy's Intro to Android for Busy Coders

Mark Murphy's Intro to Android for Busy Coders
Event: Mark Murphy's Intro to Android for Busy Coders
Location: The Skills Matter eXchange
Date: 30.01.2011 - 01.02.2011
Contact: Website
Venue: The Skills Matter eXchange
EC1V 7DP London |

Android Introduction

In this 3-day Android training course for Busy Coders, you'll get a firm foundation for your Android application development efforts. Join Mark Murphy and learn the basics of getting Android applications and user interfaces up and running, including such tricky bits as dealing with background threads, screen rotations, and database access.


Use Android to construct a simple GUI, backed by a database and user preference file, containing multiple screens (activities).


Day 1

  • Android: Guts & GUIs
  • Development Tools
  • Selection Widgets
  • Fancy Lists
  • Fancy Widgets
  • Menus & Messages

Day 2

  • Threads
  • The Activity Lifecycle
  • Resources
  • Databases
  • Using Multiple Activities
  • Preferences & Files

Day 3

  • Rotation Events
  • Using HttpClient
  • Extending Android with JARS
  • Creating Services
  • Using Services
  • Remote Services
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