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Marc Benioff explains Cloud 2.0

Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO, has been talking about Cloud 2.0 for some time now. In an article, written for Fortune, he explains the concept.

The fundamental nature of IT industry changes every 10 years. The desktop-Internet paradigm of Cloud 1 (2000s) is giving way to the mobile Internet paradigm of Cloud 2 (2010+).

“Smart phones that run apps have replaced PCs. We are mobile. We touch, not click. We are social, not siloed. Our location is known, not anonymous…Facebook, Apple, and a new generation of technologies are defining our daily experiences, writes Mr Benioff. 

Google beat Microsoft to Cloud 1, now Apple is the clear winner of Cloud 2. 

The article is as much about the death of old model, which is represented by Microsoft, than about heralding a new computing era. The article is in fact titled:  The end of Microsoft. A door opens to a new cloud.

Arun Mysore

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