Eclipse 3.6

Manage the Files in your Helios Workspace

Jessica Thornsby

Serge Beauchamp blogs about how Helios can stop unwanted files from causing build errors.

“Suppose you are working in a project in Eclipse, but after
updating from your source control server, new files were populated
in your workspace that cause some build errors,” writes Serge
Beauchamp – according to him, Helios has the answer.

Beauchamp has blogged about new features in Eclipse 3.6 that
allow the user to configure which files populate a project
hierarchy. One such feature, is Resource Filter, which gives the
user the option of including or excluding files based on a set of
configurable and extensible filters. This should prevent unwanted
files from appearing in the workspace, where they can be seen by
JDT and subsequently generate build errors.

With Eclipse 3.6, the developer should be able to filter files
based on a range of criteria, including workspace path, last
modified and file name. And there should be more supported criteria
on the horizon: 3rd party plugins can contribute new criteria
through an extension point.

Please see Beauchamp’s blog for more information.

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