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Lucene Announce New Sub-Project Lucy and a New, Open Source Definition for Hardware

Jessica Thornsby

Apache JMetre 2.4 is released with support for JUnit 4 annotations, and a new ‘Jcommander’ framework is announced.

Apache JMetre 2.4 Gets JUnit4 Annotations

Version 2.4 of Apache JMetre is out now.

Apache JMeter is a Java desktop application for loading test
functional behaviour and measuring performance. It can test
performance on both static and dynamic resources, and can load and
performance test many different server types, including SOAP and

With this release, JMeter now requires Java 1.5 or later, and
JUnit sampler supports JUnit4 annotations. The HTTP Proxy can now
record HT, and JSR223 (javax.script) test elements have been

Open Source Hardware Draft Definition

Version 0.3 of the Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Draft Definition
is online
. This draft is based on the Open Source Definition for Open
Source Software and draft OSHW definition 0.2. It aims to be a
guideline for the development and evaluation of licenses for Open
Source Hardware.

Lucene Announce New C Port, ‘Lucy’

Lucene have proposed a new

Lucy is a C port of the Lucene search engine library, which
targets dynamic language users. The Lucene community propose to
move Lucy to an Incubator Podling, and assimilate the KinoSearch
codebase, which has been retrofitted to use Lucy’s core. The
proposal defines graduating to an Apache Software Foundation Top
Level Project as “a long term goal of the Lucy project.”

New Framework

Cédric Beust has announced a new framework, called ‘Jcommander,’ and posted
a code snippet at his blog.

ICEFaces Announce Winners of Blog Contest

And ICEFaces have announced the winners of their Blog about
ICEfaces Contest, which saw over 70 people participate. There were
three categories ‘Creative Blog,’ ‘Technical Blog’ and ‘Blog that
directed most traffic to ICEfaces.org.’

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