Downtime is a thing of the past

LiveRebel 2.0 is here – Down For Maintenance? Never Again

Chris Mayer

The ZeroTurnaround are building on their successful JRebel with the second major version of LiveRebel -an out-of-the-box solution to end slow, inefficient production deployment.

Ah, those “Down for Maintenance” signs. Every developer’s
nightmare. The signal that says something’s not right with the
operation, often amounting to several hours work rebooting the
entire thing, whilst facing the wrath of an irate manager at

Fortunately this maligned and feared scenario could be the thing
of the past with ZeroTurnaround’s newest update to hotpatching tool
LiveRebel 2.0, but this time going a lot further than last year’s
debut appearance.

LiveRebel 1.0 complements the Java-powered JRebel in production
environments with safeguards like compatibility checks and
stop-the-world updates, but the team realised that they could push
the envelope much further to help developers out in a Code Red
situation. LiveRebel
is like a paratrooper dropped into an existing
infrastructure to start managing the production servers, with no
downtime at all.

This is a revolutionary approach as the old way would be to take
one server at a time from a cluster, stop it, update the
application and restart it. With LiveRebel installed, it adds the
ability to do rolling restarts completely automatically. All this
without interfering with your infrastructure.

So it looks like inefficient production deployment is
a thing of the past with a new panic button being installed for
those who use JRebel’s exceptional Rebellion Technology.
ZeroTurnaround promise that “every single update is an online,
transactional, reversible operation that is completely automated
and, in case of minor updates, instantaneous.”

 “With this 2.0 release, we are aiming to take
a bigger share of the Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment
sectors, which still have yet to see an overarching solution that
can deliver what is promised,” explained Jevgeni Kabanov,
ZeroTurnaround CEO and Founder. “LiveRebel 2.0 is an out-of-the-box
solution to end slow, inefficient production deployment processes
that often happen at 3 AM by overworked operations staff.”

“ZeroTurnaround is prepared for the challenge of changing the
way operations teams think about their deployment processes, making
Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment a highly viable
option for companies,” continued Kabanov. “Having won 3 awards in
2011, averaged 35% q-o-q growth since 2009 and having gained Bain
Capital as investors, I think it’s time we let the Java community
at large know that we have the tools needed to improve the way
organizations develop, test and deploy applications.”

LiveRebel 2.0 now supports multiple update strategies, which
allows choice for users:

  • Hotpatching strategy updates the application instance
    in-memory, without pausing for a moment.
  • Rolling restart strategy takes each server down at a time for
    update, but the users don’t notice a thing as they are
    automatically routed to instance with their session.
  • Offline update strategy will take all servers down and do a
    clean restart, the user requests will still resume when servers are

The team are doing an anyone-can-join debut webcast of LiveRebel 2.0 on
March 1st, 12 PM ET
: an ideal way to learn to harness the
ability of this brilliant technology. Those ZeroTurnaround boys
have done it again!


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