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Liferay rebrands PortletFaces, JSF compatibility project

Four months on from assuming total control of the PortletFaces community, Liferay have released the first rebranded version of PortletFaces, now called Liferay Faces.

Liferay Faces is a package of tools that allow integration of Liferay Portal, the popular open-source enterprise web app software, with JavaServer Faces (JSF), a web UI framework included in all versions of JavaEE from 6.0 upwards.

As with PortletFaces, Liferay Faces contains Bridge, for deploying JSF web apps as portlets; Alloy, a suite of JSF UI components utilising Liferay’s own Alloy UI; and Portal, a bunch of Liferay-specific utilities and UI components for JSF developers.

This is great news if you like working with both Liferay Portal and JSF - but for everyone else, perhaps a bit less exciting and no great incentive to switch from a competitor. That said, intercompatibility between such well-established bits of tech is always welcome.

This relaunch of Faces comes soon after the initial launch of Liferay Marketplace, an ‘app store’ for Liferay-compatible applications and templates - currently populated exclusively by their own products.

Elliot Bentley

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