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Liferay Enterprise Portal 6.1 lands

Chris Mayer

A new version of the comprehensive web portal, built on a Java framework has landed. Find all the details of what is new within…

Liferay Inc has announced the general
availability of the latest update to their popular enterprise open
portal, Liferay Portal 6.1 EE with its mantra to ‘empower business
enterprise users’.

The latest version claims to be the
richest yet, offering key usability enhancements for the most
tech savvy business owner and even a novice could work. Liferay
also say that through ‘extensive user interface updates will
make document management more productive and intuitive, with
desktop and mobile access, live previews, and integration to
external enterprise document repositories’.

This release also creates a deep
level of integration with Liferay’s stable of enterprise products
such as Liferay Marketplace, which will allow administrators
to find and install applications to extend functionality directly
from the portal.  For advanced customisation, there’s also
Liferay Developer Studio integration which reduces development
costs and time to market.

So, the bounty of new features

  • New Liferay Sync which allows online and
    offline synchronization to desktop and mobile devices.
  • Third-party Integration with Documentum,
    Sharepoint and other CMIS repositories 
  • A new drag-and-drop functionality for document and media
    libraries simplify content management.
  • Dynamic Video and File Previews
  • Administrators can now designate certain pages and sections of
    a page to be personalized by users.
  • Multiple website versions can be edited
    simultaneously and scheduled for publication.

Liferay is deployable to the cloud as a SaaS and runs PHP,
Ruby, Python, Grails and other lightweight scripting technologies
within a robust Java framework. There are o
ptions to connect
to Terracotta, Oracle RAC, and other scalability solutions. You can
download a trial
of the Enterprise Edition at their website, or choose
the community version which differs slightly as the below diagram
shows. For a list of full technologies offered, check the specs -
quite a lengthy list!

This video tells you how to get
started with Liferay Portal 6.

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