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Liferay assumes leadership of PortletFaces community

Chris Mayer

Liferay get full ownership of PortletFaces open source projects such as PortletFaces Bridge, AlloyFaces and of course Liferay Faces’

Enterprise open-source
portal expert, Liferay has announced that they have been
granted leadership for all JavaServer Faces open source projects
with the PortletFaces community. 

co-founding the PortletFaces community alongside Mimacom, as a
response to increasing demand for JSF portlets, Liferay has played
a huge role overseeing sub-projects like PortletFaces
Bridge, AlloyFaces and LiferayFaces. By becoming a steward of the
community Liferay maintains the overlap between the enterprise
operation and these projects.

JSF has
long been the standard for building server-side user interfaces on
the Java EE platform and is widely leveraged among enterprise Java
developers. LiferayFaces is currently in its sixth major series
with LiferayFaces released back in October. By
having Liferay at the centre of the PortletFaces community, we can
expect a fluid link-up to other open source offerings by

popularity of Liferay technology in the community and Liferay’s
history of leading successful open source projects made this
decision an easy one—it is a win-win for the Liferay and
JSF developer communities,” said Atul Patel, Director of Agile
Solutions of Triton Services, Inc. “Liferay has a long
tradition of embracing JCP standards like the Portlet API, and we
are confident that their commitment to JSF will yield the best
results for the JSF community.”

work we have done at has paid great
dividends,” added Micha Kiener, Head of Research & Innovation
at Mimacom AG. “By making this contribution,
our Liferay customers will now also enjoy the benefits of
enterprise support for JSF as part of
their Liferay subscriptions. Mimacom is looking forward
to continued participation and improvements for JSF
and Liferay integration.”

open-sourcing the Liferay Portal Platform back in 2001, the
company’s higher echelons have always had an open source agenda,
which in turn saw their community blossom to over 60K

have seen strong demand for JSF portlet development
from Liferay’s community and customers,” said Neil Griffin,
JSF Team Lead at Liferay and lead developer
at “This contribution by Triton and
Mimacom provides Liferay with the opportunity to support JSF
under Liferay, Inc.’s Enterprise Subscription and Support
(ESS) offering.”

transition of projects to Liferay is already underway,
and is scheduled for completion this month. The projects will be
repackaged under a new umbrella project called
“Liferay Faces.” It’s a big announcement for the PortletFaces
community, seeing them move under Liferay’s jurisidiction fully.
With the huge tie to them already, it is inevitably a wise move

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