Portal Migration Workshop

Liferay Announce Onsite ‘Design With Liferay’ Program

Jessica Thornsby

Liferay announce a three day migration workshop for Sun web platform customers.

Liferay have announced a new ‘Design With Liferay’ program
which aims to provide a migration path for portal users facing end
of feature life with their Sun web platform products.

Liferay are currently offering customers of Sun Web Space
Server, Sun Java System Portal Server, Java Enterprise System and
GlassFish Portfolio, Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition as a free
product for the first year.

This will be accompanied by three days of transitional workshops
aimed to help guide user adoption. The first day, is dedicated to
business requirement assessment, while the second features an
overview of Key Performance Indicators, and the creation of SOW and
initial POC. Prices range from $4500 for one day, and $12,000 for
the full three day package. Customers of proprietary portal
products may be eligible to participate in this workshop for

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